A-DWEI is composed of a team with many years of sound experience from established, dedicated to modern large-scale variety show, outdoor performances , stadium sound reinforcement , multi-purpose conference room , KTV bar technology.
American famous sound laboratory , specializing in acoustic research , product testing electro-acoustic , electric acoustic product development and production. Along with their skills, advanced research for the production of professional customers worldwide acoustic products to provide technical support.
        A-DWEI sound established team of professional sound engineer , acoustics expert , audio engineers and maintenance engineers , each A-DWEI products have a unique design concept . Renowned American designer uses the world's newest speaker speakers and electronic product design software, with a variety of brands and professional speaker unit designed acoustic products for different occasions to meet the special requirements of modern design , for customers to create the best acoustics , aesthetics .
        Select a product from a professional point of view , A-DWEI on the quality of products sold and services have more stringent requirements , through professional selection, has passed 3C certification, as is in order to provide the best products to our customers .
        " Product is the carrier services , technology support services ," we will "service" as a core business , depending on the "technology" as the driving force for enterprise development. We have been focusing on the development of its own technology, by improving technology , providing customers with diversified and personalized professional and technical services .
        Our belief: "responsibility , professionalism and excellence ."
        Responsibility : Business as individuals of society, he shoulders the responsibility of social services in the community ; business and not just " individual" , he is a team to provide a platform for sustainable development of each member of the team , this is his corporate responsibility ; customers is the basis of existence of the business , providing customers with the best service is his fundamental responsibility. This is our interpretation of responsibility
        Excellence: " superior technology, excellent service , excellent team ," the pursuit of excellence is our development goals. .


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